Healing with the Fairies oracle cards, Doreen Virtue

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Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards 44 kort och vägledningshäfte på 70 sidor i ask Kortens storlek ca: 9 x 12,8 cm. Askens storlek ca: 9,7 x 13,8 x 3,2 cm PÅ ENGELSKA På askens baksida står det: Fairies are nature´s powerful guardian angels, and they can miraculously assist you with your self-es´teem, relationships, health, and career. With the help of these 44 oracle cards, you can have a deeply personal relationship with the amazing fairy realm. The fairies will help you find new inner strenght and confidence, and guide you in treating yourself eith greater love and respect. With the help of the enclosed guidebook, you´ll learn how to give yourself and your loved ones accurate and helpful readings. There are no negative or frightening cards or images in this deck, as God and the nature angels love you very much!